Endura (band)

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Also known as AbRAXAS
Genres Dark ambient
Years active 1993 (1993)–2001
Associated acts Ontario Blue
Past members Stephen Pennick
Christopher Walton

Endura (sometimes written Endvra) was a dark ambient band that was active during the 1990s.[1] The band had only two members, Stephen Pennick and Christopher Walton. The name of the band comes from the Cathars' practice of ritualistic fasting to speed death.[2]


Pennick and Walton met in early 1993.[3]

Walton was "once chased out of France"[3] after showing videos of hardcore violence and pornography at an industrial music festival.[3] He has referred to himself as a misanthrope.[3]


Endura mixes elements of ambient music with tribal rhythms, chants, moans, and sounds effects such as rattling chains and echoes. Their style has been described as "combining synthesizers reminiscent of Tangerine Dream with (un)healthy doses of Aleister Crowley, H.P. Lovecraft, and psychedelic drugs",[2] "absolutely haunting and dark",[4] or simply "Neoclassical".[5] Walton has stated that Pennick has more melodic talent while Walton himself is more conceptual.[3]

Partial discography[edit]

Year Title Label Notes
1994 Hexe[6] Enlightenment Communications as AbRAXAS, cassette only
1994 Dreams Of Dark Waters[6] Nature & Art
1995 Dark Projections From An Ancient Nature[6] Psychotic Reactions cassette only
1996 The Dark Is Light Enough[6] Allegoria
1996 Liber Leviathan[6] Aesthetic Death
1996 Black Eden[6][7] Red Stream
1996 Ard Inn Ar[6] Old Europa Cafe cassette only
1997 Great God Pan[6][8] Misanthropy Records/Elfenblut
1998 The Watcher[7] Red Stream
1999 Elder Signs[7] Red Stream double CD set


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