Enemy You

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Enemy You
Origin San Francisco, California, USA
Genres Punk rock, Pop punk, Melodic hardcore
Years active 1997–2007
Labels Panic Button Records
Red Scare Industries
Geykido Comet Records
Nitro Records
Members David Jones
Ken Yamazaki
Joe Yamazaki
Chris Matulich

Enemy You is a punk rock band from San Francisco, California that formed in 1997.


Prior to their formation, David Jones, the main songwriter in Enemy You, recorded several releases with his band After School Special on Mutant Pop Records. After AFS broke up, Enemy You was formed and began rehearsing together. After Enemy You began writing tunes together as a band it wasn’t long before they received interest from Ben Weasel and his fledgling label, Panic Button Records. This led to their debut appearance on the four-way split dubbed Four On The Floor alongside Screeching Weasel, Teen Idols, and Moral Crux. This was followed by their debut album Where No One Knows My Name.

Based on the album's success the band was asked to open for a number of notable punk bands including, Bouncing Souls, Lagwagon, Bad Religion, T.S.O.L., Mad Caddies, and NOFX.

Before releasing their second full-length CD Stories Never Told, the band decided to release an 80's-themed seven inch EP that came out on Geykido Comet Records.

Enemy You has since signed with Nitro Records. Their third studio album, Fade Away, has been released as an iTunes exclusive on December 2, 2008, after being shelved for a few years.


  • David Jones – lead vocals, guitar
  • Ken Yamazaki – guitar
  • Joe Yamazaki – drums
  • Chris Matulich – bass guitar


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