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Not to be confused with NPO Energomash.

The Energomash Corporation (Cyrillic: "Энергомаш") is a Russian power engineering company. Energomash manufactures small cogeneration plants as well as wide variety of components for the energy industry. In addition to this core activity, Energomash also supplies a large number of other diverse engineering and import/export production to more than 60 countries.

In addition to producing power technologies, Energomash has occupies leading positions in metalware construction, pipeline fittings, nuclear industry equipment.

It produces liquid propellant rocket engines at its NPO Energomash subsidiary. NPO Energomash originated from the OKB-456 Soviet design bureau, which had been founded in 1946. NPO Energomash acquired its current name on May 15, 1991, in honor of its former chief designer Valentin Glushko.[1][2]

Its nuclear engineering subsidiary is Energomash-Atommash.

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