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An energy mint is a mint candy that is designed to give the consumer a burst of energy through a combination of energy enhancing ingredients. Energy mints commonly contain caffeine, taurine, various forms of ginseng, B vitamins, or other herbal ingredients. Some contain high levels of sugar, while a few are sugar-free. These mints are popular among young people, computer programmers, gamers, and students.

According to the Wall Street Journal (February 13, 2008), energy mints are part of a relatively new and rapidly expanding "Energy Candy" trend. Major brand names in North America include Ed Hardy Energy Mints, Penguin Mints, Revive Energy Mints, Bawls mints, VoJo Energy Mints (image: [1]) and YJ Stingers Mints.

October 2011, Energy Mints were introduced in India, named as POW Energy Mints.

A UK brand of energy mints was launched in May 2012 called HERO Energy.