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Enforcer live hole in the sky festival 27 august 2010.jpg
Enforcer performing live during Hole in the Sky festival in Bergen, Norway, August 2010
Background information
Origin Arvika, Sweden
Genres Heavy metal, speed metal
Years active 2004–present
Labels Heavy Artillery, Earache
Website [1]
Members Olof Wikstrand
Joseph Tholl
Tobias Lindqvist
Jonas Wikstrand
Past members Jakob Ljungberg
Adams Zaars

Enforcer is a heavy metal band formed in 2004 in Arvika, Sweden.

Enforcer plays and performs in a style very similar to older speed metal bands like Agent Steel, Exciter and Anvil. When the Sweden Rock Magazine asked them about playing "old school", they answered that heavy metal is not old school, it is timeless.[citation needed]

They released their first album, Into the Night, through the Heavy Artillery label in November 2008[1]

Enforcer released its second full length album "Diamonds" under Earache Records, on May the 24th, 2010 in Europe while Heavy Artillery Records released the album in North America on May 25, 2010.[2]

On February the 1st, 2013 they released "Death By Fire" in Stockholm, Sweden. They headlined a Belgian release show along with Evil Invaders on February the 2nd, a Belgian speed metal band that released their self-titled EP.

Musical Style[edit]

Enforcer is considered a part of the New Wave Of Traditional Heavy Metal (NWOTHM) an ongoing movement that in recent years has seen the return of traditional sounding metal bands (similar to the Swedish Sleaze metal revival) the name is taken from the New wave of british heavy metal in which the movement strongly identifies with. Other bands considered part of the movement include Steelwing, White Wizzard, Cauldron, Holy Grail, Skull Fist and more recently Sons of Lioth.


  • Evil Attacker (2005) (demo)
  • Evil Attacker c/w Mistress from Hell (2007) (single)
  • Into the Night (November 18, 2008) (album)
    1. Black Angel (3:35)
    2. Mistress from Hell (3:16)
    3. Into the Night (3:15)
    4. Speed Queen (3:23)
    5. On the Loose (4:24)
    6. City Lights (Instrumental) (5:54)
    7. Scream of the Savage (3:40)
    8. Curse the Light (4:09)
    9. Evil Attacker (3:37)
  • Nightmare Over the UK (2010) (split album with Cauldron)
  • Diamonds (May 25, 2010) (album)
    1. Midnight Vice (3:15)
    2. Roll the Dice (3:12)
    3. Katana (6:00)
    4. Running in Menace (3:46)
    5. High Roller (3:21)
    6. Diamonds (Instrumental) (3:33)
    7. Live for the Night (2:36)
    8. Nightmares (4:33)
    9. Walk with Me (5:59)
    10. Take Me to Hell (3:13)
  • Night Walker/Take Me to Hell (2011) (split album with Volture)
  • High Roller/Back on the Road (2011) (split album with Bullet)
  • Death by Fire (February 1, 2013) (album)
    1. Bells of Hades (0:28)
    2. Death Rides this Night (3:37)
    3. Run for Your Life (3:21)
    4. Mesmerized by Fire (4:02)
    5. Take Me Out of this Nightmare (4:59)
    6. Crystal Suite (Instrumental) (3:55)
    7. Sacrificed (5:35)
    8. Silent Hour / The Conjugation (6:30)
    9. Satan (4:00)


Past members:

  • Adam Zaars - guitar (2006-2011)
  • Jakob Ljungberg - drums (2007)