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Enford is a village and civil parish in Wiltshire, England. The parish includes nine small settlements along the banks of the headwaters of the River Avon. Besides Enford, these are Compton, Coombe, East Chisenbury, Fifield, Littlecott, Longstreet, West Chisenbury and New Town.

The United Kingdom Census 2001 recorded a parish population of 577.[1]


The name is derived from the Old English Enedford meaning 'duck ford'.[2]

Local government[edit]

Enford is a civil parish in the area of the Wiltshire Council unitary authority, which is responsible for all significant aspects of local government. It also has an elected parish council, with mostly consultative functions.


The East Chisenbury midden is a famous example of a large dump of archaeological material, dating to the 1st millennium BC. Sited on Salisbury Plain, the midden mound contains discrete layers upon layers of flint, charcoal, bones, pottery and excrement. It survives to a height of 8 feet (2.4 m) and is 460 feet (140 m) wide despite 2,500 years of weathering. The accumulation is believed by some archaeologists to have a ritual basis, with organised deposition of produce and waste being suggested as an explanation for its size and longevity.


Position: grid reference SU139516

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