Engerjordet (station)

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Engerjordet Station ca. 1910-1915
Location Oslo
Coordinates 59°56′57.10″N 10°41′57.15″E / 59.9491944°N 10.6992083°E / 59.9491944; 10.6992083
Line(s) Holmenkollen Line
Structure type At-grade
Opened 1905
Closed 1935

Engerjordet is a former light rail station on the Holmenkollen Line in Oslo, Norway.

The station was taken into use after the other stations, that had opened in 1898. While Johannes Harbitz was chair of the operating company Holmenkolbanen in 1905 and 1906, the trams would stop just outside his house, that was located between Ris and Slemdal, where Heyerdahls vei intersects Slemdsalsveien. This station was gradually taken into use as an ordinary station, and given the name Engerjordet after a demerged section of Ris Farm. The station had very few users, and was taken out of use in 1935.[1][2]


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