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For the band, see England's Glory (band).
A box of England's Glory matches

England's Glory is a brand of matches, available in the United Kingdom, using an iconic image of a Victorian battleship, HMS Devastation.


The product was originally made in Gloucester by S.J. Moreland and Sons, who became a subsidiary of Bryant and May in 1913, although full ownership by Bryant and May only came in 1938.[1]

Consolidation of match production within Great Britain led to Bryant and May's matches being made at Garston in Liverpool, London and Glasgow. England's Glory then became a Brand Name for matches made at Bryant and May's Garston factory which were sold mainly in the North of England and the Midlands.[1] The matches made in Glasgow were marketed in Scotland as Scottish Bluebell matches.[1]

Bryant and May themselves ceased to exist in the 1980s, but England's Glory and Scottish Bluebell branded matches are still manufactured in Sweden by the company Swedish Match.

Popular culture[edit]

The song "Senses Working Overtime" by XTC contains the spoken phrases "England's Glory" and "A striking beauty", the latter of which was a slogan associated with England's Glory matches

The Macc Lads have a song called England's Glory referring to the matches.

The Welsh band Stereophonics got the lyric 'It only takes one tree to make a thousand matches but only takes one match to burn a thousand trees' for their hit song A Thousand Trees from the back of a box of England's Glory.[2]

Various re-issues of English pub-rock legend Ian Dury's acclaimed 1977 album "New Boots and Panties" contain a live version of his composition "England's Glory".


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