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England's Glory were Peter Perrett's pre-The Only Ones band and included Perrett on guitar and vocals, Jon Newey on drums and percussion, Harry Kakouli on bass and Dave Clarke on lead guitar. They received little attention from record companies and failed to secure a record deal. Perrett's vocal style at the time was reminiscent of Lou Reed, and NME journalist Nick Kent was almost fooled into believing that the acetate of England's Glory demos was in fact a bootleg of Velvet Underground outtakes.[citation needed] All of the band's recordings have now been issued since the success of The Only Ones.

The band's first and album, commonly known as the legendary lost album, was composed of 13 tracks, 2 of which, Peter & The Pets and City Of Fun, would go on to be recorded by the only ones. A final album, The First and Last was released on CD in 2005 and included the band's 1973 EMI recordings and 1973 acoustic demos


1. Devotion

2. The Wide Waterway

3. City Of Fun

4. First Time I Saw You

5. Broken Arrow

6. Bright Lights

7. It's Been A Long Time

8. The Guest

9. Peter & The Pets

10. Showdown

11. Predictably Blonde

12. Weekend

13. Trouble In The World


Track 13 is not to be confused with The Only Ones song of the same name that appeared on the album Baby's Got A Gun