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The English River Dene Nation is a First Nations band government whose reserves and communities are located in the northwest section of the province of Saskatchewan in Canada. Its territories are in the boreal forest of the Canadian Shield. This First Nation is a member of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council (MLTC).[1]


As of May 2012 the total membership of English River Dene First Nation was 1,451 with 774 members living on-reserve and 677 members living off-reserve.[2]


The English River Dene Nation based in Patuanak has territory at fifteen sites.[3]

Three sites are located on Cree Lake. One site Cree Lake 192 G on the south west side of the lake is 1607.40 hectares another on Cable Bay 192 M is 538.30 hectares and another on Barkwell Bay 192 I at the northern end of Cree Lake is 2344 hectares. 57°36′57″N 106°06′00″W / 57.6158°N 106.1000°W / 57.6158; -106.1000[3] One of the two sites at the south end may include the old Cree Lake settlement.

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