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English Without Tears is a 1944 British comedy film directed by Harold French and starring Michael Wilding, Penelope Dudley-Ward and Lilli Palmer.[1]


The niece of a British aristocrat falls in love with the butler. Lady Christabel Beauclark (Margaret Rutherford) has become a fanatic bird fancier. She is engaged in a crusade to secure the territorial rights for her beloved British birds, in both Britain and abroad. While she is occupied with this somewhat odd mission, her niece, Joan Heseltine (Penelope Dudley-Ward), has become more and more affectionate towards the family butler, Tom Gilbey (Michael Wilding), to the point of falling head over heels for him. When the great war starts, Lady Christabel has to give up her quest for the birds' rights, and instead focus on the war at home. The butler, who was quite indifferent to Joan's affections for him, finds himself falling in love with her. Lady Christabel gets her hands full sorting out this unwanted love affair, when the affections of the young woman is no longer unrequited.[2]



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