English cricket team in Australia and New Zealand in 1876–77

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1876-77 Australia v England Series
Date 15 March 1877 – 4 April 1877
Location Australia
Result The 2-Test series was drawn 1-1
Australian Colonial Flag.svg Australia Flag of England.svg England
Dave Gregory James Lillywhite
Most runs
Charles Bannerman (209)
Nat Thomson (67)
George Ulyett (139)
Allen Hill (101)
Most wickets
Tom Kendall (14)
Billy Midwinter (8)
James Lillywhite (8)
Alfred Shaw (8)
1877 newspaper article describing the first two days of the first match

The 1876–77 tour of Australia and New Zealand was at the time considered to be another professional first-class cricket tour of the colonies, as similar tours had occurred previously, but retrospectively it became classified as the first ever Test cricket tour of Australia by the English cricket team. The English team is sometimes referred to as James Lillywhite's XI. In all, they played 23 matches but only three including the two Tests are recognised as first-class. The first match started at the Adelaide Oval on 16 November 1876 and the last at the same venue on 14 April 1877. There were fifteen matches in Australia and, between January and March, eight in New Zealand.

A rival tour had been proposed by Fred Grace but was cancelled, enabling most of the best players of the Australian colonies to participate in two matches against James Lillywhite's side. Fred Spofforth, widely regarded as the best Australian fast bowler, controversially withdrew from the first match in protest over the omission of Billy Murdoch as wicket-keeper. Starting on 15 March 1877 the two sides played two matches, later designated Test matches, and the series was drawn 1-1.

For more details about the establishment of Test cricket, see The first Test tour - 1876/7. Although both matches have Test status, this series is not considered to be part of The Ashes, which began in 1882.


Australian Colonial Flag.svg Australia Flag of England.svg England[1]

Match details[edit]

First Test: England v Australia (15–19 March 1877)[edit]

Australian Colonial Flag.svg Australia 245

Charles Bannerman 165
Alfred Shaw 3/51
James Southerton 3/61

& 104

Tom Horan 20
Alfred Shaw 5/38
George Ulyett 3/39

Australia won by 45 runs [1]

15,16,17,19 March 1877
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
Umpires: CA Reid and RB Terry
Man of the match:

Flag of England.svg England 196

Henry Jupp 63
Henry Charlwood 36
Billy Midwinter 5/78

& 108

John Selby 38
Tom Kendall 7/55

Second Test: England v Australia (31 March-4 April 1877)[edit]

Australian Colonial Flag.svg Australia 122

Billy Midwinter 31
Allen Hill 4/27

& 259

Dave Gregory 43
Nat Thomson 41
James Southerton 4/46
James Lillywhite 4/70

England won by 4 wickets [2]

31 March, 2,3,4 April 1877
Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne, Victoria
Umpires: S Cosstick and RB Terry
Man of the match:

Flag of England.svg England 261

George Ulyett 52
Andrew Greenwood 49
Allen Hill 49
Tom Kendall 4/82

& 122/6

George Ulyett 63


Individual records[edit]

Most runs Charles Bannerman 209
Most wickets Tom Kendall 14
Most catches (excluding wicket keepers) Tom Emmett 4
Highest individual innings Charles Bannerman 165 (retired hurt)
Best innings bowling Tom Kendall 7/55 (First Test, 2nd Innings)
Highest match total Charles Bannerman 169 (First test)
Best match bowling Tom Kendall /
Alfred Shaw
8 (Second Test)

Team records[edit]

Best Innings England 261 (Second Test, 1st Innings)
Worst Innings England 108 (First Test, 2nd Innings)
Tosses Won Australia 2 (of 2)

Other records[edit]


  1. ^ Ted Pooley was also a member of the touring party, but had had to be left behind in New Zealand, facing a charge of assault.

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