English cricket team in Australia in 1884–85

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The close 6 run victory by Australia in the 3rd test was described by Harry Hilliard as the most exciting match ever played in Australia.

The England cricket team in Australia in 1884–85 was generally known as Alfred Shaw's XI after its main organiser. The team played 8 first-class matches, including the five matches in the Test series, winning 6 and losing 2.

Test series summary[edit]

England won the Test series against Australia 3-2:

Team members[edit]

The party comprised 13 players, all of them professionals: Arthur Shrewsbury, Billy Barnes, William Attewell, William Scotton, Wilfred Flowers and Alfred Shaw (all Nottinghamshire); Billy Bates, Joe Hunter, Bobby Peel and George Ulyett (all Yorkshire); Johnny Briggs (Lancashire); Maurice Read (Surrey); and James Lillywhite (Sussex).[1]


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