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Not to be confused with Enkidu.
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Enkimdu is the Sumerian god of farming, in charge of canals and ditches, a task assigned to him by the water god Enki during his organization of the world.

Enkimdu is featured prominently in the myth "Inanna Prefers the Farmer," in which both he and the god Dumuzi are attempting to win the hand of the goddess Inanna. While Inanna is quite infatuated with the down-to-earth farmer, her brother Utu/Shamash attempts to convince her to marry Dumuzi instead. Both Dumuzi and Enkimdu face off in an argument over who will win Inanna. While Dumuzi is aggressive in his arguments, attempting to prove that he is far better, Enkimdu is more docile and peaceful, attempting to resolve the situation diplomatically.

The clay tablet on which the myth is written has unfortunately been damaged over the passage of time, but from later myths such as "Dumuzi and Inanna" and "Inanna's Descent into the Underworld," it is clear that Inanna eventually selects Dumuzi as her spouse and that he is murdered.

Astronomy of the Poem[edit]

Dumuzi (Mars) is murdered every 780 days. Innanna the great mother or grand mother (Venus) meets courts marries dates intercourses with Mars every 2 years. Inanna's descent or death is every 292 days (superior to inferior) but the description of waning stripped naked with a crowned forehead is that of inferior conjunction every 584 days. The inclusion of Shamash the Sun refers to Mars and Venus in dawn before sunrise in a race to measure the seasons of Enkimdu which are gradual and debatable. Mars in 13 years of 360 days will arrive on the same 360-day date but be 69 Julian dates earlier (65 days +4 leap days), Inanna (Venus) wins, the 355-day calendar is created. The city elders (kings) of wreckd send word demanding 144,000 bails of barley from Ararat (one for each elder or king in the world).[citation needed][unreliable source?]

Enkimdu in modern usage[edit]

ENKIMDU is a name of an agent-based modeling platform used to study socio-ecological interactions in ancient Mesopotamia and modern Thailand