Ennstal Alps

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Ennstal Alps
German: Ennstaler Alpen
HochtorOedsteinGroup FromS HoherZinken.jpg
Hochtor - Ödstein Group (Gesäuse) (from right to left) as seen from Hoher Zinken in the south
Highest point
Peak Hochtor
Elevation 2,369 m (7,772 ft)
Coordinates 47°33′42″N 14°37′50″E / 47.56167°N 14.63056°E / 47.56167; 14.63056
Country Austria
States Styria and Upper Austria
Range coordinates 47°37′N 14°35′E / 47.62°N 14.58°E / 47.62; 14.58Coordinates: 47°37′N 14°35′E / 47.62°N 14.58°E / 47.62; 14.58
Parent range Northern Limestone Alps
View over the ridge of the Admonter Warte (Haller Mauern) to the Gesäuse mountains

The Ennstal Alps (Alps of the Enns valley) are a mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps. They are located in the Austrian states of Styria and Upper Austria, but mostly in Styria. The most famous scenery in the Ennstal Alps is the Gesäuse, a valley where the Enns breaks through the limestone.

Neighbouring mountain ranges[edit]

The Ennstal Alps border on the following other mountain ranges in the Alps:


The Ennstal Alps are bounded by:

The following mountain groups are part of the Ennstal Alps:

The range is pierced in the north by the Enns. This valley bears the description "Gesäuse". The valley is accompanied by the only roads and railway lines that run through the Ennstal Alps.

Settlement is restricted just to the Gesäuse with its main villages of Admont, Hieflau and Großreifling; several mountain valleys are settled too (Radmer, Johnsbach, St. Gallen). In the valleys on the perimeter are the towns of Leoben and Liezen as well as Eisenerz.


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