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Eno may refer to:




  • Eno people, American Indian tribe
  • Amos Eno (1810-1898), owner of the Fifth Avenue Hotel, New York
  • Brian Eno (born 1948), English electronic musician, music theorist and record producer
  • Daikan Enō, the Japanese name of Zen patriarch Dajian Huineng
  • Henry Lane Eno (1871–1928), American banker, poet and philanthropist
  • Jim Eno (born 1966), one of the founding members of the band Spoon
  • Kenji Eno (born 1970), Japanese musician and video game designer
  • Roger Eno (born 1959), English ambient composer, brother of Brian
  • William Phelps Eno (1858–1945), American businessman
  • Eno Raud (1928–1996), Estonian children's books writer