Enoch (son of Cain)

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Schnorr von Carolsfeld Bibel in Bildern 1860 014.png
Depiction of Cain establishing the city of Enoch, by Julius Schnorr von Carolsfeld
Spouse(s) Adah and Zillah
Children seventy-seven
Parent(s) Awan and Cain

According to the Book of Genesis, Enoch (/ˈnək/; Hebrew: חֲנוֹך‎‎ Ḥanōḵ) was a son of Cain, grandson of Adam, and father of Irad. After Cain arrived in the Land of Nod, to which he was evicted by the Lord as his punishment for murdering his brother Abel, his wife became pregnant and bore Cain's first child, whom he named Enoch. The city Cain founded in the Land of Nod was named after his son (Genesis 4:17). According to Jubilees 4:9, Enoch's mother was named Awan. According to Josephus, Enoch fathered seventy-seven children by two wives.

This Enoch is not to be confused with Noah's ancestor Enoch.