Enormous Omelet Sandwich

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Enormous Omelet Sandwich
Enormous Omelet Sandwich unwrapped.jpg
Nutritional value per 1 sandwich (266 g)
Energy 730 kcal (3,100 kJ)
44 g (15%)
Sugars 8 g
Dietary fiber 2 g (8%)
45 g (69%)
Saturated 17 g (85%)
37 g (74%)
Trace metals
1940 mg
Other constituents
Energy from fat 410 kcal (1,700 kJ)
Cholesterol 330 mg (110%)

May vary outside US market.
Percentages are roughly approximated using US recommendations for adults.

The Enormous Omelet Sandwich was a breakfast sandwich sold by the fast-food restaurant chain Burger King. It consists of sausage patties, bacon, eggs and American cheese on a sesame seed bun. The Meat'normous Omelet Sandwich was a variant on the Enormous Omelet Sandwich that added a portion of ham to the sandwich.

It is one of their late teen to young adult male oriented products.[1] The sandwich attracted criticism for its high fat and caloric content, and has since been discontinued in the United States. It is still sold in some of its international markets.


The sandwich was introduced on March 28, 2005, and attracted significant media attention for its ingredients and caloric content.[1] It was the first new product launched under the auspices of then CEO Greg Brenneman, and helped boost Burger King breakfast sales by 20%.[2] The Meat'normous Omelet Sandwich was introduced in May of the same year. Shortly after its introduction, comparisons were made to the parody "Good Morning Burger" breakfast sandwich, shown in the 1992 Simpsons episode Bart's Friend Falls in Love.

Because of its large serving size and high fat and caloric content, the sandwich garnered negative press when first sold.[3] The negative press was compounded when Burger King began selling the companion Meat'normous sandwich.[4]


Enormous Omelet Sandwich in wrapper

Burger King again used the viral marketing ads featuring the "Creepy King", who presented the product to unsuspecting consumers in unexpected places such as their own bedroom or in their front yards. It was promoted with the slogan "Wake up to a mouthful of breakfast with the Enormous Omelet Sandwich." The television advertisements described the sandwich like this:

Two slices of melted, American cheese, two fluffy eggs stuffed with three crispy strips of bacon, and a sizzling sausage patty, piled high on a toasted bun. The Enormous Omelet Sandwich from BURGER KING. So big, breakfast will never be the same.

The tag line for the Meat'normous was similar:

Meat on top of meat, on top of meat… Wake up to a mouthful of breakfast with the Meat’normous Omelet Sandwich. Two slices of melted American Cheese, two fluffy eggs, three crispy strips of bacon, two sizzling sausage patties and two slices of ham, piled high on a toasted bun. The Meat’normous Omelet Sandwich from Burger King. So big, breakfast will never be the same.

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