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Enprovia Mobile Enabler - Overview of middle tier.png
enprovia Mobile Enabler overview
Developer(s) enprovia Software Engineering s.r.o.
Written in Java, OSGi enabled
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Mobile, Cloud Applications, ECM, Document Management System, Content Management Systems,
License SaaS Edition - Proprietary
Commercial Edition - Proprietary
Website www.enprovia.com

enprovia is a provider of mobile enterprise access software,[1][2] which can be used for e.g. providing access to existing document management systems, utilizing the companies main product, the Mobile Enabler.[3] The product makes use of various standards (CMIS) Content Management Interoperability Services and can run both on-site as well as an on-demand service, e.g. in the cloud computing platform from Amazon EC2.

enprovia is a Slovak company with headquarters in Bratislava, Slovakia. The company also has offices in Huefingen, Germany and in Kenner, LA, USA.

System overview[edit]

The system consists of a middleware and client connection kits for most common smart phones and tablet PC's. The middleware is composed of four different layers:

  • The Business Connectors that interface back-end applications with the Mobile Enabler
  • The Cartridge Framework that provides additional business logic functionalities to enrich the back-end solution
  • The Standard System Service providing services such as session management, subscription and notification
  • The Client Communication Framework that expose the enriched services from the back-end applications to a number of mobile devices

The system supports business systems such as IBM FileNet, Alfresco, IBM Websphere Commerce and Microsoft Sharepoint and clients such as Apple iPhone, iPad, RIM BlackBerry, Google Android and Microsoft Phone 7[4][5][6]


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