Enrique Simonet

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Enrique Simonet
Enrique Simonet - Autorretrato - 1910 RGB.jpg
Enrique Simonet, Self-Portrait, 1910
Born Enrique Simonet Lombardo
February 2, 1866
Valencia, Spain
Died April 20, 1927(1927-04-20) (aged 61)
Madrid, Spain
Nationality Spanish
Known for Painting

Enrique Simonet Lombardo (February 2, 1866 – April 20, 1927) was a Spanish painter.

Enrique Simonet was born in Valencia and first studied at the Saint Charles Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Valencia.

In 1887 obtained a grant to study painting in the Fine Arts Academy in Rome, where he painted in 1890 Heart's anatomy also known as She had a heart! or Autopsy; a painting that would bring him international recognition and which won him several prizes.[1]

He also obtained several international awards including Madrid in 1892, Chicago in 1893, Barcelona in 1896 and Paris in 1900.

His painting Saint Paul's beheading is in a preferred place at the Cathedral of Malaga.[2]

In 1911 he became a member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando in Madrid.

The Beheading of Saint Paul. 1887
Judgment of Paris. 215 x 331 cm 1904
Flevit super illam (He wept over it). 296 x 550 cm 1892
Anatomy of the heart. 177 x 291 cm 1890

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