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Enriqueta Arvelo Larriva (1886, Barinitas, Venezuela - 1963, Barinitas) was a Venezuelan poet, "one of the founders of women's poetry in Venezuela and one of the country's principal avant-garde poets".[1]

Enriqueta Arvelo Larriva was a sister of the poet Alfredo Arvelo Larriva. Self-taught, she lived most of her life in Barinitas, the village in which she was born. She was a member of the Viernes Group of poets.[2] In 1958 she was awarded the Municipal Poetry Prize for her Mandato del canto (1957).[1]


  • El cristal nervioso[The Narrow Mirror], 1931
  • Mandato del canto; poemas, 1944-1946 [Mandate to Sing], Caracas, 1957
  • Poemas perseverantes [Persistent Poems], 1963


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