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Station statistics
Address Netherlands
Coordinates 52°13′20″N 6°53′24″E / 52.22222°N 6.89000°E / 52.22222; 6.89000Coordinates: 52°13′20″N 6°53′24″E / 52.22222°N 6.89000°E / 52.22222; 6.89000
Line(s) Zutphen–Glanerbeek railway
Other information
Opened 1 July 1866
Enschede railway station is located in Dutch railway station
Enschede railway station

Enschede is the main railway station in Enschede, the Netherlands. The station opened on 1 July 1866 and is on the Zutphen–Glanerbeek railway. Between the late 1970s and 2001, the passenger service to Germany stopped. The connection to Münster was re-opened in 2001. There is no connection allowing the German trains to run any further into Overijssel; however there was before the line closed.

From summer 2013 to summer 2014 the station is being largely modernised. The station was closed between 6 July and 18 August 2013, in which all the rails and overhead wires were replaced at the station. Platforms 1 and 2 were extended; platform 5 was closed. Platform 4 has been split in two, one part for the trains to Germany and the other part for the Sprinters. The two lines are still not connected. The sidings for stabling trains were also replaced and points replaced to reduce the noise made as trains pass over them.

Train services[edit]

The following services call at Enschede:

  • 1x per hour Intercity services Schiphol - Amersfoort - Hengelo - Enschede
  • 1x per hour Intercity service The Hague - Utrecht - Amersfoort - Hengelo - Enschede
  • 2x per hour local service (stoptrein) Apeldoorn - Deventer - Almelo - Hengelo - Enschede
  • 2x per hour local service (stoptrein) Zwolle - Almelo - Hengelo - Enschede
  • 1x per hour local service (Regionalbahn) Enschede - Gronau - Coesfeld - Lünen - Dortmund
  • 1x per hour local service (Regionalbahn) Enschede - Gronau - Münster
Preceding station   Nederlandse Spoorwegen   Following station
toward Schiphol
NS Intercity 1600 Terminus
NS Intercity 1700
toward Apeldoorn
NS Sprinter 7000
toward Zwolle
NS Sprinter 7900
Deutsche Bahn
Terminus RB 51
toward Dortmund Hbf
RB 64
toward Münster Hbf

From 9 December 2012 Enschede no longer has a direct connection to Rotterdam on weekdays; a change of trains is required in Utrecht.

Bus services[edit]

Many bus services depart from the bus station in front of the station, many carrying a red Twents livery, for the Twente region (Eastern Overijssel).


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