Enterobacteria phage P2

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Bacteriophage P2 is a temperate phage that infects E. coli. It is a tailed virus with a contractile sheath and is thus classified in the family Myoviridae and the order Caudovirales. This class of viruses includes many P2-like phages as well as the satellite phage P4.[1]

Enterobacteria phage P2

Virion structure[edit]

Phage P2 has a double stranded DNA genome packaged in an icosahedral capsid with a diameter of 60 nanometers that is connected to a 135 nanometer long tail. Presence of phage P4 can cause P2 to form smaller capsids.[2] The tail ends in a baseplate which is the control hub for phage infectivity. The baseplate includes 6 tail fibers which initially bind to receptors on the bacterial cell wall and a tail spike protein that subsequently binds irreversibly to other receptors on the cell wall.


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