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EnterpriseDB Corporation
Type Private
Industry Software & Programming
Founded March 2004[1]
Headquarters Bedford, Massachusetts, USA
Key people Ed Boyajian, CEO
Products Postgres Plus RDBMS
Website www.enterprisedb.com

EnterpriseDB is a privately held company [2] that provides enterprise class software subscriptions, support, and tools for PostgreSQL through its products,[3] Postgres Plus Solutions Pack,[4] which is PostgreSQL with extra bundled modules, Postgres Plus Advanced Server [5] which has all the features of Postgres Plus Solutions Pack plus Oracle compatibility, performance features not available in PostgreSQL, as well as advanced security features not available in PostgreSQL, Postgres Enterprise Manager for managing/monitoring/tuning large scale Postgres installations, and Postgres Plus Cloud Database,[6] which easily provisions PostgreSQL and Postgres Plus Advanced Server databases (with Oracle compatibility) in single instances, high availability clusters, or development sandboxes for Database-as-a-Service environments. In addition, the company offers PostgreSQL 24 x 7 support, training, and professional services such as RemoteDBA, Architectural Health Check, migration services and more.


EnterpriseDB was founded in 2004 by Denis Lussier and Andy Astor,[7] with the goal of disrupting the database oligopoly with an equally capable product based on open source principles and development that offered dramatic cost savings. The company chose PostgreSQL as its technology foundation because PostgreSQL was proven by over 20 years of large-scale commercial deployments, its thriving developer community, and its reputation for being the most robust open source database available. EnterpriseDB is presently headquartered in Massachusetts and has other offices in New Jersey, Europe, Asia and Japan.[8] Ed Boyajian is the CEO.


EnterpriseDB offers two distributions based on PostgreSQL that have additional features and commercial support. These distributions are available for free download and are supported on several different platforms, including Linux, Windows, Solaris and HP-UX.[9] They include connectors for the most common programming languages and environments, including: JDBC, ODBC, .NET, ESQL / C++, Perl, Python, PHP.

  • Distributions and adaptations:
    • PostgreSQL - the bits developed by the Postgres community
    • Postgres Plus Solutions Pack - all the features of PostgreSQL plus additional QA testing, integrated components, tuning and one-click install
    • Postgres Plus Advanced Server - all the features of Postgres Plus Solutions Pack plus Oracle compatibility, scalability features, and DBA and developer tools [it can run Oracle applications written for Oracle databases by revising the core of PostgreSQL to recognize Oracle's PL/SQL[10][11] as well as handle data replication to and from Oracle[12]]
  • Programs developed by EnterpriseDB:
    • StackBuilder Plus[13]
    • xDB Replication Server [14]
    • Postgres Enterprise Manager [15]
    • Postgres Plus Cloud Database [6]

EnterpriseDB also offers services and support options for Postgres, including remote DBA services, tuning, developer support, DBA certification and training.


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