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Founded 2003
Founder Jan Robbe
Nico de Gols
Genre Experimental
Dark Ambient
Country of origin Belgium
Location Kortrijk
Official website http://www.entity.be/entity

Entity is a netlabel specialising in experimental electronic music. The label was established in 2003 by Belgian musicians Jan Robbe and Nico de Gols, working under the monikers UndaCova and Kaebin Yield, respectively. Formed from the remnants of the now defunct dark ambient/noise netlabel Tinnitus, Entity has since expanded its repertoire to include many different genres,[1] and has released music by artists from all over the world. In 2005 Gols parted ways with Entity, leaving Robbe as the sole label manager. Entity is a nonprofit netlabel that distributes its releases for free under Creative Commons licenses,[2] hosted by file repositories Archive.org and Scene.org.

Notable in the label's catalogue are releases by Robbe himself, who goes under the names Atomhead, Erratic and UndaCova;[3] Entity-born collaborative groups xE Phalanx and Idle Sunder, Hecq, Xanopticon, Hangars Liquides-owner La Peste, Zavoloka, Subskan, Sytrjv, Cisfinitum, and many others. Entity celebrated its 40th release with Tetroid 2012; a game and electronic music compilation. It has been described as a "psychedelic Tetris clone (with references to Mr. Driller and Arkanoid as well), featuring 21 music artists. It is meant to bring experimental electronic music closer to the people."[4] Entity marked its 50th release with a follow-up compilation entitled Vortex, which was acclaimed by one journalist as the "singular apogee of Entity's artistic vision".[5] It was played on Mary Anne Hobbs' Radio 1's Experimental Show, which often features Entity artists Barbarix and Herd.

In 2004 a micropayments system was implemented, allowing listeners to donate directly to the artists, as well as help finance server costs and future physical releases. The following year "micro-releases" were introduced; short EPs which can be purchased through paypal for a nominal fee. So far three releases have been distributed this way.

Entity is commonly associated with the terms "flashcore" and "cybercore", which are used to describe an acousmatic form of highly-complex hardcore techno.[6] Considered a leading proponent of the style,[7] Entity has released albums by flashcore artists such as Atomhead/UndaCova, Kaebin Yield and Sedarka.


Cover of 7E Phalanx's 2004 album Pulse
Cover of Idle Sunder's 2005 album Psygnosis I
  • .at/on
  • a.s.
  • Acta
  • Antanas Jasenka
  • Atomhead
  • Autopsy Protocol
  • Barbarix
  • Beatwife
  • Binray
  • Bogdan Dullsky
  • Casual Coincidence
  • CD-R
  • Chango Feo
  • Chlorophyll Fluxbunny
  • Circuit Paralelle
  • Cisfinitum
  • Critikal
  • d.compose
  • Danny Kreutzfeldt
  • Disastrato
  • Dotkràz
  • Duncan Avoid
  • element.act
  • Elín
  • Ellende
  • Erratic
  • Esther Venrooy
  • ETO
  • Exclipsect
  • Fabrice Planquette
  • Flimmer
  • Foul Shape
  • fp
  • Giorgos Stefanou
  • Hackeronte
  • Hanga Gallon
  • Hecq
  • Herd
  • hns.dly
  • Idle Sunder
  • Inshizzo
  • Isopussy
  • Kaebin Yield
  • La Peste
  • m__
  • Mathieu Ruhlmann
  • Metro_NM
  • N.Nenov
  • no Xivic
  • Om
  • Otets Dekan
  • Pandemia
  • Photophob
  • Plagasul
  • PlanetZoo
  • ps
  • Quest.Room.Project
  • Ronny Ragtroll
  • S.A.T.K.A.
  • Scene
  • Sedarka
  • Siegmar Fricke
  • Somaticae
  • Subskan
  • Sytrjv
  • Takeshi Nakamura
  • The Ambling Band
  • Tirriddiliu
  • Tomoroh Hidari
  • Transcendent Device
  • UndaCova
  • v4w.enko
  • vteb
  • White Nois Stasis
  • Xanopticon
  • xE Phalanx
  • Yannis Kyriakides
  • Zavoloka
  • Zoogoo


Note: other labels' discographies presented in this catalogue include:

Title Artist Cat No Year
Distress EP D.I.N. TNS001 2002
Drug Bad EP Lost_Bit TNS002 2002
The Delegation From Nowhere Ellende TNS003 2002
Tehdas EP no Xivic TNS004 2002
Assembled and Disassembled Structures Carroña TNS005 2002
A Girl Raped Before Her Marriage Is a Whore ps TNS006 2003
Digital Insanity Compilation v1.0 Various Artists TNS007 2003
Ergchie Nightech TNS008 2003
Pragmatic Impulse 5E Phalanx NTT001 2003
... element.act NTT002 2003
Sleepsoup Ellende NTT003 2003
The Garden of Unearthed Machines White Nois Stasis NTT004 2003
Analysis d.compose NTT005 2003
Sous quel ordre Acta NTT006 2003
Ilion m__ NTT007 2004
Pulse 7E Phalanx NTT008 2004
Impressions Elín NTT009 2004
Venus Urania Pandemia NTT010 2004
Signs of the Unseen Chango Feo NTT011 2004
Smart Disable For All Ronny Ragtroll NTT012 2004
20040701 a.s. NTT013 2004
Universumix Say My Lovehole, Hanga Gallon NTT014 2004
Revery 8E Phalanx NTT015 2004
Degree Absolute Transcendent Device NTT016 2004
Elettra Tirriddiliu & Hackeronte NTT017 2004
Activation Fields Erratic NTT018 2004
Incessant Subversive Decibels BLÆRG NTT019 2004
Virtual Love Cell Beatwife NTT020 2004
Shibashi Todomen Sedarka NTT021 2004
Folding Light Idle Sunder NTTD01 2005
Spiral Field Velocity 1.0 Atomhead NTTD02 2005
Fiuk & Csajok Fabrice Planquette NTT022 2005
Highly Coloured Places Yannis Kyriakides NTT023 2005
Landschaft Cisfinitum NTT024 2005
The Calm of the Suns Mathieu Ruhlmann NTT025 2005
Aspekt / Audience / Ascent CD-R NTT026 2005
Untitled Dotkràz NTT027 2005
Mouthscapes #1 Hns.dly NTT028 2005
The Recombinant Design Satka NTT029 2005
Malgyl Cisfinitum NTT030 2005
Aether I Idle Sunder NTT031 2005
Polymorphism Kaebin Yield NTT032 2005
Cederoth Bloodstopper Binray NTT033 2005
Umami Autopsy Protocol NTT034 2005
Skazka Metro_NM NTT035 2005
Sonic Machine Antanas Jasenka NTT036 2006
Rust Dotkràz vs. Idle Sunder vs. Casual Coincidence NTT037 2006
Silhouette 9E Phalanx NTT038 2006
Winter Center ETO NTT039 2006
Aether II Idle Sunder NTT041 2006
Neuromecanismo Siegmar Fricke NTT042 2006
Room Number Quest.Room.Project NTT043 2007
Undertones Elín NTT044 2007
Psygnosis I Idle Sunder NTT045 2007
Strange Animals Takeshi Nakamura NTT046 2007
Greatest Clubhits From Beyond Ronny Ragtroll NTT047 2007
Nothing Stands Between Us Elín vs. Erratic NTTD03 2007
Endlessly Regurgitating Pattern Otets Dekan NTT048 2008
2 Humans in a Cage With Their Everything Box PlanetZoo NTT049 2008
Tetroid 2012 Various Artists NTT040 2008
Vortex Various Artists NTT050 2008
Lucifer's Happy Hunting Ground Barbarix NTT051 2008
Cendres fp NTT052 2008
Très Textual Disastrato NTT053 2008
Water Message Scene NTT054 2008
Psygnosis III Idle Sunder NTT055 2008
Metal Alloy Antanas Jasenka NTT056 2009
Life, This Strange Discharge PlanetZoo NTT057 2009
Tangents 32 - 39 Herd NTT058 2009
Psygnosis II Idle Sunder NTT059 2009
Pack .at/on + v4w.enko NTT060 2010
Songs for 14 Years Old Takeshi Nakamura NTT061 2010
Floating Eye Syndrome Foul Shape NTT062 2010
Cosc N.Nenov NTT063 2010
Selected Rooms Ryukau NTT064 2011
Vortex Engine rachMiel NTT065 2012


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