Entomologist's Monthly Magazine

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Entomologist's Monthly Magazine  
Discipline Entomology
Language English
Publication details
Pemberley Books (UK)
Publication history
1864 to present
ISSN 0013-8908

The Entomologist's Monthly Magazine is a British entomological journal, founded by a staff of five editors - T. Blackburn, H. G. Knaggs, M.D., R. McLachlan, F.L.S., E. C. Rye and H. T. Stainton, and first published in 1864.[1] The journal publishes original papers and notes on all orders of insects and terrestrial arthropods from any part of the world, specialising in groups other than Lepidoptera.

Although its name would suggest otherwise, it is currently produced only four times per year by Pemberley Books as of 2007.


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