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For the 1994 game, see Entropy (1994 board game).

Entropy is a two-player abstract strategic game designed by Eric Solomon in 1977. The game is sold commercially under the names Hyle (for a simplified version played on a 5×5 board) and Hyle7.[1]

The game is played on a square 7×7 grid of cells. One player ("Chaos") draws coloured chips at random from a bag and places each one on the board in an empty space. For each chip that is placed, the other player ("Order") may slide any chip horizontally or vertically through empty spaces, to rest in a previously empty space. When the grid is full, Order scores for any palindromic patterns of chip colors (e.g. "red–green–blue–green–red") that have been formed horizontally or vertically.[2]

Entropy was awarded a rare 6-out-of-6 by the Games & Puzzles Magazine test panel in 1981.[3]


The game has been included as one of the events at the annual Mind Sports Olympiad since its inception.[1] Demis Hassabis had won this event a record five times until losing in 2007.[4] The event has also been won by Hassabis's brother George and by another Pentamind champions, David M. Pearce, Alain Dekker, Paco Garcia de la Banda and Andres Kuusk.

  • 1997: England Murray Heasman (England)
  • 1998: England Peter Horlock (England)
  • 1999: England George Hassabis (England)
  • 2000: England Demis Hassabis (England)
  • 2001: England Demis Hassabis (England)
  • 2002: England David M. Pearce (England)
  • 2003: England Demis Hassabis (England)
  • 2004: England Demis Hassabis (England)
  • 2005: England Peter Horlock (England)
  • 2006: England Demis Hassabis (England)
  • 2007: England David M. Pearce (England)
  • 2008: England Peter Horlock (England)
  • 2009: South Africa Alain S. Dekker (South Africa)
  • 2010: Spain Paco Garcia de la Banda (Spain)
  • 2011: England Peter Horlock (England)
  • 2012: Estonia Andres Kuusk (Estonia)
  • 2013: Estonia Andres Kuusk (Estonia)


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