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Enuani is an Igbo dialect spoken in Nigeria by some Igbo people of Delta State, Onitsha, Obosi and Ogbaru in Anambra State and Ndoni in Rivers State. The Enuani dialect is generally similar to the Igbo dialect of Anambra State. Enuani is tonal like the rest of Anioma dialects and is particularly related to the standard Igbo pronunciation in many regards. The Enuani dialect is the dominant Igbo dialect in Delta State.

Areas of concentration[edit]

Enuani is one of the four major Igbo dialects spoken by the Anioma people (predominantly based in Aniocha and Oshimili Areas) in Delta north with the rest of this dialects being Ukwuani and Ika language, Olukwumi, Igala, Esan (Nigeria). The area of concentration of these people mostly comprises Ibusa, Asaba, Ogwashi-Uku, Illah, Issele-Uku, Issele-Azagba, Okpanam, Ubulu-uno, Ubulu-Uku, Ubulu-okiti, Ashaba Ubulu-uno, Oko commnunities, Ejeme-Aniogo, Onicha-Ugbo, ugbolu, Idumuje-Uno, Idumuje-Ugboko, Onicha-Uku, Onicha-Olona and the rest of them. This dialect as spoken in all of these areas are homogeneous in accent and mutually intelligible. It is also remarkable that this dialect has natural standardized orthography and has gained wider acceptance linguistically.