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EnviroMission (ASXEVM, OTCQXEVOMY) is an Australian listed company. It has, since 2001, proposed to build a solar updraft tower power generating station known as Solar Tower Buronga in western New South Wales at a site 25 km northeast of Mildura. More recently, 12 February 2007, EnviroMission also claims to be conducting feasibility studies to build a tower or towers in Texas, U.S.A.[1] None of these projects have ever progressed beyond the planning stage.[2]

On 18 March 2007, the company board announced a merger with the US-based SolarMission Technologies, Inc., which held the license for development of the Solar Updraft Tower concept within the United States.[3] , but on 11 December 2007 it was announced that the merger proposal with SolarMission has been terminated.[4] The stock exchange and merger did finally complete in 2008.[5]

EnviroMission has begun moving forward to build two 200 MW solar updraft towers in Arizona.[6] In October 2010, they received approval from the Southern California Public Power Authority to sell electricity generated from the facilities.[7] Construction is due to begin sometime in 2013. EnviroMission lost the deal with the Southern California Public Power Authority after EnviroMission was unable to guarantee a completion date of their solar tower. This leaves the future of the Solar Towers in Arizona in some doubt.

EnviroMission has signed several licensing deals with developers to build their solar towers in Texas and the Middle East. These deals were both started in 2013 and are expected to be completed in early 2014.

EnviroMission Solar Tower[edit]


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