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Environment & Energy Publishing LLC
Type Monday through Friday
Format online
Owner(s) Environment & Energy Publishing, LLC
Publisher Michael Witt
Editor Kevin Braun
Founded 1998
Headquarters 122 C Street NW, Suite 722, Washington, D.C., US
Circulation 40,000
Official website www.eenews.net

Environment & Energy Publishing LLC is a multi-service online media company that covers environmental and energy policy and markets. Based in Washington, D.C., it publishes global energy and environmental news and several times daily reporting from Capitol Hill.

E&E’s 40,000 100% paid readership[citation needed] includes congressional offices and committees, the White House, federal agencies, law firms, lobbyists, environmental groups, financial institutions, major corporations, media companies, consultants, utilities, state and local governments, foreign governments, think tanks, universities, and international development organizations.

E&E staffers regularly appear on PBS's NewsHour, C-SPAN and NPR, and its news-breaking reporting is frequently cited by the Washington Post, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and AP.

Environment & Energy Daily[edit]

Environment & Energy Daily covers the progress of legislation as it works its way from hearings and markups, through the House and Senate floors, to the President’s desk. In-depth stories are reported in political context, with links to the text of bills and reports. E&E Daily, is posted online by 9 am EST, Monday through Friday except during extended congressional recesses. The Monday edition is designed as a preview of the week’s impending action.


ClimateWire was introduced on March 10, 2008. A daily news service edited by veteran Wall Street Journal reporter John Fialka, it provides top-tier coverage of national and global climate issues. Areas of focus include US state programs, US federal legislation, the development of a post-Kyoto climate regime, Kyoto protocol implementation issues, natural resource effects from a changing climate and how corporations are adapting to a greenhouse gas constrained world. ClimateWire also reports on: alternative energy finance, research and deployment; US federal agency programs, and the science of climate change.


Greenwire was founded in 1991 by former New York Times reporter Phil Shabecoff and published by the American Political Network (APN), a company that also produced the online political daily Hotline. APN was purchased by National Journal in 1995. Greenwire initially provided "coverage of the coverage" reporting: the staff would review hundreds of newspapers every day and synthesize the day's environmental news into 20 or so stories that were sent out to paying subscribers.

When E&E Publishing bought Greenwire in October 2000, the company expanded its mission to incorporate original reporting and include energy issues as part of Greenwire's editorial scope. It is now edited by Cy Zaneski, who edits original stories about environmental and energy topics ranging from climate change to sustainable design to agriculture appropriations.

Greenwire publishes by 12:30 pm, Monday through Friday, year-round.

E&ENews PM[edit]

In July 2005, the company launched E&ENews PM, covering late-breaking news from Capitol Hill and around the world. E&ENews PM is posted Monday through Friday by 4:30 pm EST.

Land Letter[edit]

The oldest of E&E’s publications, Land Letter was founded in 1982 by William Chandler and operated under the Conservation Fund on a biweekly basis before being purchased in 1997 by E&E's predecessor company. Land Letter's content was folded into Greenwire in 2012, significantly expanding E&E's daily coverage of a wide range of natural resource issues.


In January 2005, E&E launched E&ETV, a daily webcast designed for environment and energy policy professionals. Fifteen-minute episodes of the program "OnPoint" air every morning, at 10 am, featuring interviews with top figures in the field including senators and House members, administration officials, academics and authors, and industry and environmental leaders.

The episodes are broadcast in Flash video from E&E’s Capitol Hill studios.


In May 2012, EnergyWire launched as E&E's sixth daily product. EnergyWire focuses on the rapidly expanding unconventional energy market, from hydraulic fracturing to arctic drilling. Led by veteran editor Amy Carlile, EnergyWire is a must read for professionals involved with the complex environmental, infrastructure, technology, resource base and finance implications stemming from this revolution in energy production. EnergyWire is published daily at 8:30 a.m. EST.


E&E was founded on October 1, 1998, by Kevin Braun and Michael Witt following their purchase of Environment & Energy Weekly (E&E Daily's earlier iteration) and Land Letter from the nonprofit Environmental and Energy Study Institute. Braun and Witt had managed these publications for a number of years before buying out EESI's ownership interest.

E&E Weekly was originally distributed in print every Monday morning inside the Beltway and by U.S. mail to subscribers throughout the rest of the country, providing a detailed look at the legislative action surrounding all the environmental and energy bills in play on Capitol Hill. Today, E&E publishes in online format six times a day with a staff of over 70 editors and reporters. E&E was the first online-only news organization to be accredited by both the Congressional Periodical Press Gallery and Congressional Radio-TV Gallery.

In December 2007 E&E purchased a competing news service, Green Sheets, from Congressional Quarterly.

E&E operates a number of U.S.-based bureaus, including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Houston, Dallas, New York City, Denver, Minneapolis and Santa Fe. And correspondents contribute daily from England, China, Denmark and other locales.

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