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This article discusses topics related to the environment of Pakistan



Main article: Climate of Pakistan

most part of Pakistan lies in arid to semi arid zone of climate but there is a lot of variation observed in Pakistan due to the variation of relief features from lofty mountains to low lying area mostly climate of Pakistan is divided into four major climatic zones

1 High land climate zone (include all the mountain regions of Pakistan western and northern mountain)

2 low land climatic zone (include all the plain areas of Pakistan which include whole of Indus plain except Indus delta)

3 arid climate zone ( this zone include all the south eastern deserts like Cholistan, Nara and Tharparker )

4 coastal climate zone ( include whole of coastal stripe from Makran coast to Karachi coast and Sindh coastal areas of Pakistan)


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Environmental affairs in Pakistan are managed and regulated by the Ministry of Environment (Pakistan), headed by the Minister for Environment (Pakistan).

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