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Notiothauma Millidge, 1991 is an invalid junior homonym, and presently considered a junior synonym of the spider genus Lygarina of the family Linyphiidae.
Temporal range: Cenozoic - Recent
Notiothauma reedi.jpg
Notiothauma reedi
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Order: Mecoptera
Family: Eomeropidae
Genus: Notiothauma
MacLachlan, 1877
Species: N. reedi
Binomial name
Notiothauma reedi
MacLachlan, 1877

The Mecopteran family Eomeropidae contains only a single living species, Notiothauma reedi, known from the Nothofagus forests in southern Chile and Argentina. It is a remarkable species, flattened and extremely roach-like in appearance and habits. It is nocturnal, and scuttles on the forest floor, where it can be collected by laying trails of oatmeal. The larvae are still unknown. The only other genus in the family, Eomerope, is extinct, known only from Cenozoic fossils; thus, N. reedi can be characterized as a living fossil taxon.