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EON Reality
Industry Virtual Reality
Virtual Reality Consulting
Founded 1999
Headquarters Irvine, CA
Area served Worldwide
Products Interactive 3D Software
Immersive 3D Displays
Preconfigured VR Labs
2D to 3D Conversion
Website eonreality.com

EON Reality, founded in 1999, is a private held US corporation with fully owned subsidiaries in Manchester, UK, Singapore, Sweden. EON Reality is focused on virtual reality solutions from simulation-based learning and safety training to the creation of interactive 3D product applications for a variety of business sectors including but not limited to energy, education, aerospace/defense, and the industrial and medical sectors.

Product Listing history[edit]

The following is a chronological list of EON Reality products:[1]

  • 1999: The Company launched EON Studio as its first virtual reality software authoring tool
  • 2000: EON SDK, the Company's first software development kit
  • 2001: EON Server modular software
  • 2001: EON concave, a three wall display system
  • 2002: EON Raptor, a free 3ds Max plug-in for publishing interactive 3D content and environments
  • 2003: EON Professional, a high-end extension of EON Studio
  • 2004: EON Icatcher, a turnkey 3D stereoscopic projection solution
  • 2004: EON Sales Assistant, a 3D configuration tool for product presentation sales
  • 2005: EON Icube, a turnkey CAVE (Cave Automatic Virtual Environment)
  • 2005: EON Planner a 3D planning tool that for product presentation and sales
  • 2006: EON TouchLight[2] was released in collaboration with Microsoft Research
  • 2007: EON Iportal Tablet, a tablet based augmented reality solution
  • 2007: EON Artificial I was released, a glass-free 3D display solution
  • 2007: EON Icompass, a six wall re-configurable immersive virtual reality system for multi-user environment
  • 2007: EON Icrystal, a 3D glass panel solution for virtual reality content projection
  • 2008: EON Iauditorium, an auditorium size stereo 3D immersive virtual reality display system
  • 2008: EON Ipresence, a tele-immersion solution that combines tele-presence in virtual reality
  • 2008: EON Holographic I, a 3D solution for virtual reality content projection
  • 2008: EON Ifloat, a multi-wall immersive solution
  • 2009: EON Coliseum, an online 3D multi-user virtual meeting & learning platform with support for avatars, voice chat, and 3D objects, and integration with Eon Creator and Eon Experience
  • 2009: EON Ibench, a desk sized multi-wall immersive 3D solution
  • 2010: EON Human, an avatar platform with real-time motion capture library
  • 2010: EON Interact, body control solution with support for Microsoft Kinect
  • 2011: EON Experience was released as a library of 3D virtual learning objects that may be imported into EON Creator to author customized virtual learning environments, which are also capable of being displayed in stereoscopic 3D
  • 2011: EON Creator, a tool for the creation of customized virtual environments through the use of Eon Experience
  • 2011: New EON Iportal Tablet
  • 2011: EON Geo, a real-time 3D analysis tool of petroleum models for reservoir calculations
  • 2012: EON Icube Mobile
  • 2012: EON Interactive Mirror
  • 2012: EON Ibench Mobile
  • 2013: EON Mobile platform
  • 2013: New EON Ibench
  • 2013: EON Idome


The company has received the following awards.

  • 2004: EON Reality was awarded two awards during the 2004 Excellence Kiosk Awards at KIOSKCOM in Las Vegas, NV for the Suzuki Sales P.R.O. developed with EON's real-time 3D authoring software.[3]
  • 2006: EON Reality of Irvine is recognized for its 3D and holographic imagery systems.[4]

Interactive Digital Centers[edit]

EON Reality partners with a wide variety of public and private organizations toward the establishment of Interactive Digital Centers (IDC) that showcase and promote the use of interactive 3D and stereoscopic visualization technologies while also producing simulation-based training applications and conducting virtual reality research.[5]

The following is a list of Interactive Digital Centers:

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