Eparchy of Zahumlje and Herzegovina

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Eparchy of Zahumlje and Herzegovina
Gracanica in Trebinje.jpg
Gračanica, in Trebinje
Territory Herzegovina
Headquarters Mostar, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Denomination Eastern Orthodox
Sui iuris church Serbian Orthodox Church
Established 1219
Language Church Slavonic
Eparchy of Zahumlje and Herzegovina

The Eparchy of Zahumlje, Herzegovina and the Littoral (Serbian: Епархија Захумско-херцеговачка и Приморска) is an eparchy (diocese) of the Serbian Orthodox Church with its seat in Mostar, Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


Ecclesiastical background[edit]

The region was under the Metropolitanate of Durazzo, which in turn was under the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.[when?] In 1089, the see of Trebinje (Travunia) was briefly theoretically under the jurisdiction of the Archbishopric of Bar.

Middle Ages[edit]

The Metropolitanate of Zahumlje ("Hum") was originally founded in 1219, by Archbishop Sava, the same year the Serbian Orthodox Church acquired its autocephaly status from Constantinople. Thus, it was one of the original Serbian Orthodox bishoprics. The first bishop of Hum was Ilarion, succeeded by Sava II (son of Stefan the First-Crowned). The original seat was in Ston, in the church of the Most Holy Theotokos (Пресвете Богородице). Following an earthquake, the bishop moved the seat to the Church of Peter and Paul on the Lim river in the 1250s.

With the War of Hum (1326–29), most of Zahumlje was taken over by Stephen II, Ban of Bosnia. The see of the eparchy was then moved to the Mileševa monastery. Following the fall of the Duchy of St. Sava to the Ottoman Empire, the see was frequently moved, finally to settle in the Tvrdoš Monastery near Trebinje in 1508. Eventually, the eparchy was further divided into the Eparchy of Mileševa.

Modern and contemporary history[edit]


Picture Name Time Notes
Medieval Serbian Church
Ilarion of Hum 1219–? First bishop.
Sava II ?–1264 Son of Stefan the First-Crowned.
Jevstatije ca. 1300
Jovan ca. 1305
Danilo 1316–24 hagiographer and Archbishop of Peć
Stefan 1324 in exile, became bishop of the Eparchy of Lim
Metropolitanate of Herzegovina, or Trebinje (Patriarchate of Constantinople)
Jovan and Visarion 1508–13 Restored Tvrdoš in 1508 (becoming the see)
Marko 1524
Maksim 1532
Nikanor 1546
Metropolitanate of Herzegovina, or Trebinje (Patriarchate of Peć)
Antonije 1570
Savatije Sokolović 1573–85
Visarion 1592
Silvestar 1602
Leontije 1605–11
Saint Basil of Ostrog.jpg Basil of Ostrog 1639–49 Saint
Savatije Ljubibratić 1693–1716 titular bishop "of Zahumlje and Dalmatia"
Metropolitanate of Herzegovina (Patriarchate of Constantinople)
LeontijeRadulović-mošti.jpg Leontije Radulović 1888
Serafin Perović.png Serafim Perović 1889–1903
Petar Zimonjić 1903–10
Eparchy of Zahumlje and Herzegovina (Serbian Patriarchate)

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