Epicoccum nigrum

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Epicoccum nigrum
Epicoccum nigrum 80352.jpg
E. nigrum growing on Lycoperdon pyriforme
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Fungi
Phylum: Ascomycota
Class: Ascomycetes
Subclass: Incertae sedis
Order: Incertae sedis
Family: Incertae sedis
Genus: Epicoccum
Species: E. nigrum
Binomial name
Epicoccum nigrum

Epicoccum purpurascens Ehrenb.
Epicoccum vulgare Corda
Phoma epicoccina Punith.
Toruloidea tobaica Svilv.

Epicoccum nigrum is a species of fungus. A plant pathogen, it is widespread fungus which produces colored pigments that can be used as antifungal agents against other pathogenic fungi. The fluorescent stain Epicocconone is extracted from it.