Epipodius and Alexander

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Saints Epipodius and Alexander
Born Epipodius, Lyon
Alexander, Greece
Died 178
Venerated in Roman Catholicism
Major shrine Cathedral St-Jean in Lyon
Feast 22 April
Patronage Epipodius is the patron saint of bachelors, victims of betrayal, and victims of torture.

Epipodius (French: Épipode) and his companion Alexander (died 178 AD) are venerated as Christian saints. Their feast day is 22 April. Epipodius was a native of Lyon; Alexander was said to be a native of Phrygia, and a physician by profession.[1] They were both martyred during the reign of Marcus Aurelius.

Epipodius and Alexander are said to have been close friends since childhood. Epipodius is said to have been a confirmed celibate bachelor, who devoted his time to Christian works and was betrayed to imperial authorities by a servant. Both men were subsequently imprisoned, tortured, and condemned to be devoured by wild beasts in the amphitheatre, and died (as one history writes) "neither uttering a groan nor a syllable, but conversing in [their] heart with God."[2]


In the 6th century, their relics were placed together with those of St. Irenaeus under the altar of the Cathedral St-Jean in Lyon. Miracles were reported at this tomb.

Epipodius is venerated as the patron saint of bachelors, victims of betrayal, and victims of torture.

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