Episcopal Diocese of Idaho

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Diocese of Idaho
Diocese of Idaho shield.gif
Ecclesiastical province Province VIII
Rite Episcopal
Cathedral St. Michael's Cathedral, Boise
Current leadership
Bishop The Rt. Rev. Brian J. Thom
Location of the Diocese of Idaho
Location of the Diocese of Idaho

The Episcopal Diocese of Idaho is the diocese of the Episcopal Church in the United States of America with jurisdiction over Idaho south of the Salmon River. It also includes one congregation in Wyoming. It is in Province 8 and its cathedral, St. Michael's Cathedral, is in Boise, as are the diocesan offices.[1][2]

As of early 2012 the diocese claimed on its website to have more than 5000 members.

Current bishop[edit]

The Rt. Rev. Brian J. Thom

List of bishops[edit]

The bishops of Idaho have been:[3]

  1. Daniel S. Tuttle, (1867–1887)
  2. Ethelbert Talbot, (1887–1898),
  3. James B. Funsten, (1899–1918)
  4. Herman R. Page, Sr., (1919 - 1919)
  5. Frank H. Touret, (1919–1924)
  6. Herbert H. H. Fox, (1925–1926)
  7. Middleton S. Barnwell, (1926–1935)
  8. Frederick B. Bartlett, (1935–1941)
  9. Frank A. Rhea, (1942–1968)
  10. Norman L. Foote, (1957–1972)
  11. Hanford L. King, Jr., (1972–1981)
  12. David B. Birney, IV, (1982–1989)
  13. John S. Thornton (1990–1998)
  14. Harry Brown Bainbridge, III (1998–2008)
  15. Brian J. Thom (2008–present)

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