Epsilon Cephei

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Epsilon Cephei
Observation data
Epoch J2000.0      Equinox J2000.0
Constellation Cepheus
Right ascension 22h 15m 1.68s
Declination +57° 02' 36.5"
Apparent magnitude (V) 4.18
Absolute magnitude (V) 2.13
Distance 84 ly
(25.76 pc)
Spectral type F0IV
Other designations
23 Cephei, HD 211336, HR 8494, SAO 34227, FK5 --, NSV --, BD +56 2741, HIP 109857

Epsilon Cephei (ε Cep, ε Cep) is a Class F0, fourth-magnitude star in the constellation Cepheus. Epsilon Cephei is a yellow-white, Delta Scuti variable star, located about 85 light-years from Earth.


In Chinese, 螣蛇 (Téng Shé), meaning Flying Serpent, refers to an asterism consisting of ε Cephei, α Lacertae, 4 Lacertae, π2 Cygni, π1 Cygni, HD 206267, β Lacertae, σ Cassiopeiae, ρ Cassiopeiae, τ Cassiopeiae, AR Cassiopeiae, 9 Lacertae, 3 Andromedae, 7 Andromedae, 8 Andromedae, λ Andromedae, κ Andromedae, ι Andromedae, and ψ Andromedae. Consequently, ε Cephei itself is known as 螣蛇九 (Téng Shé jiǔ, English: the Ninth Star of Flying Serpent)[1]


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