Eqe Bay

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Eqe Bay
Location Foxe Basin
Coordinates 69°40′N 76°25′W / 69.667°N 76.417°W / 69.667; -76.417 (Eqe Bay)Coordinates: 69°40′N 76°25′W / 69.667°N 76.417°W / 69.667; -76.417 (Eqe Bay)
Basin countries Canada

Eqe Bay is an irregularly shaped, uninhabited waterway in Qikiqtaaluk Region, Nunavut, Canada. It is located on the western coast of north-central Baffin Island. An arm of the Foxe Basin, it contains no islands within it, but Bray Island lies outside the mouth of the bay to the south.


The bay is within the northeastern Rae craton.[1]