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This is a list of weapons used by the Finnish Army, for past equipment, see here.

Armour and other vehicles[edit]

Model Image Origin Type Variant Number Details
Leopard 2A6 Holland Leopard 2A6.jpg  Germany Main Battle Tank Leopard 2A6 (100) Finland has agreed to purchase 100 used Leopard 2A6 tanks from the Netherlands. These will be delivered between 2015 and 2019.[1]
Leopard 2A4 Leopard 2A4 Main Battle Tank (Finland).JPG  Germany Main Battle Tank Leopard 2A4 ~100 91 to 100 units. (124 were originally purchased, complemented with an additional 15 units bought to be used as spare parts, another 12 were later disassembled into spares, and 12 converted into combat engineering and bridging tanks).
T-55 Tankkiraato Säkylässä.jpg  Poland
Medium tank T-55MS small numbers Deployed by Pioneers as a mine clearing vehicle.
Infantry fighting vehicle
CV-90 CV 90 Lippujuhlan päivä 2013 2.JPG  Sweden Infantry Fighting Vehicle CV-9030 FIN 102
BMP-2 Two Fninish BMP-2s.JPG  Soviet Union Infantry Fighting Vehicle BMP-2 110 Will be modernized.
Armoured personnel carriers (tracked)
BTR-50 BTR-50, technical museum, Togliatti-2.JPG  Soviet Union Tracked armoured personnel carrier BTR-50PK 73 units Will be scrapped.
MT-LB Lippujuhlan päivän paraati 2013 35 MT-LB.JPG  Soviet Union
Tracked armoured personnel carrier MT-LBu-P


367+41 "look-a-likes" [2]
Armoured personnel carriers (wheeled)
Patria AMV Patria AMV edestä.jpg  Finland Armoured personnel carrier 62 With Protector (RWS) remote weapon station.
Sisu Pasi Sisu XA armored personnel carrier Mar2009 001.jpg  Finland Armoured personnel carrier XA-180
583 The remaining vehicles are due to be upgraded.
RG-32 Scout RG-32 Scouts.jpg  South Africa MRAP RG32M 47 [3][4][5]
Mercedes-Benz G-Class Mercedes-Benz G-Class of the Canadian Land Forces.JPG  Germany Armoured Jeep Daimler Mercedes-Benz G300
Mercedes-Benz Geländewagen 270 GDI
Land Rover Defender 110 Land Rover Defender 110 Hardtop Mk.1 1990-2006 frontleft 2008-04-26 U.jpg  United Kingdom Armoured Jeep
Toyota Hilux Toyota Hilux model 2009 Lippujuhlan päivä 2013 1.JPG  Japan Pickup truck [6]
All-terrain vehicles
Bandvagn 206 Hagglunds Bv206 25th US Marines 2.jpg  Sweden Tracked articulated all-terrain transport vehicle BV206 D6N ~400 Some 274 have recently been purchased from Norway in two batches (123 in 2012 and another 171 in 2013).
Sisu Nasu Tracked transport vehicle Sisu NA 110.JPG  Finland Tracked articulated, all-terrain transport vehicle Sisu NA-120 GT
Sisu NA-12 GT KV1
Bombardier Recreational Products'Lynx Lynx Lynx GLX 5900.JPG  Finland
Snowmobile Lynx GLX 5900
Polaris Sportsman Lippujuhlan päivän paraati 2014 090 Utin jääkärirykmentti Polaris Sportsman.JPG  United States ATV 500/800 EFI
Sportsman MV7
Military engineering vehicles
Leopard 2L Leopard 2L Lippujuhlan päivä 2014 1.JPG  Germany
Leopard 2R  Germany
BLG-60M2 Winz9.jpg  East Germany
T-55M with KMT-5M T-54A with KMT-5M.gif  Soviet Union
Sisu E15TP Leguan  Germany
Bridging vehicle 9
Sisu RA-140 DS Sisu RA-140 DS demining vehicle of Finnish Defence Forces.JPG  Finland Mine clearance vehicle
Support vehicles
VT-55A VT-55A - RAF Duxford.jpg  Czechoslovakia ARV
JVBT-55A  Czechoslovakia HARV
KAM-1  Soviet Union
2 (one KAM-1 and one KAM-2)



Anti-aircraft protection of important targets is provided by Crotale anti-aircraft missile systems mounted on Sisu Pasi armoured vehicles,[10] ASRAD-R anti-aircraft missile system mounted on Unimog 5000 trucks and by Swiss Oerlikon 35 mm twin-barrel AA guns.[11] Helsinki and other important targets are protected by the late-generation Soviet SAM missile system BUK M1 (SA-11), which is due to be replaced by NASAMS 2.[12] Close-range anti-aircraft support for troops is provided by 23 mm twin-barrel AA guns (Soviet-made ZU-23-2),[13] shoulder-fired Igla-M missiles.[14] The SA-18 SAMs are scheduled to be replaced by the early 2010s. Possible candidates are, MBDA Mistral, Saab Bolide, FIM-92 Stinger, SA-24 Igla-S, PZR GROM and LIG Nex1 Chiron.[15]

Anti-Aircraft Artillery[edit]

  • 23 ITK 95 - Modernized Soviet 23 mm twin-barreled ZU-23-2 AA gun. 45 units.
  • 35 ITK 88 - Swiss Oerlikon 35 mm twin-barreled AA gun. Before modernization, these were known as 35 ITK 58. 16 units.
  • 23 ITK 61 - Soviet 23 mm twin-barreled ZU-23-2 AA gun. Originally 1,100 units, some have been scrapped. Most will likely be scrapped soon.
  • ITPSV 90 Marksman - 35 mm self-propelled, twin-barreled AA gun, mounted on a T-55 chassis. 6 armed units and one training tank. Will be taken out of service.[16]

Surface-to-Air Missiles[edit]

  • FIM-92F Stinger-RMP Block I - Ordered in 2014.[17]
  • FIM-92A Stinger - Bought from Denmark in 2014 as training equipment.
  • NASAMS 2 - 24 launch units equipped with AIM-120C-7 missiles.[18][19][20] The deal is valued at over 500 million euros (of which 176 millions are costs for a new radar surveillance system).[21]
  • ITO 2005 and ITO 2005 M (MANPADS) - ASRAD-R SAM system. 16 units (12 mounted on MB Unimog 5000 and 4 on Sisu Nasu) Will partly replace ITO 86 and ITO 86 M. Each vehicle is also teamed with one MANPADS system. There are currently some 86 MANPADS launch units.
  • ITO 96 - Soviet BUK-M1 SAM system. One brigade with 3 batteries, each one equipped with one radar vehicle, 6 TELAR units and 2 TEL units (a total of 24 launch units: 18+6). Including 9A39M1, 9A310M1, 9S18M1, and 9S470M1 vehicles. The system will be replaced ahead of schedule due to the system's vulnerability to electronic warfare. It will be replaced by 4 batteries of Norwegian NASAMS II missile system from 2015
  • ITO 90MOD - Crotale NG SAM system, mounted on a Sisu XA-181 chassis. 20 units. Currently being modernized.


Forward Observer[edit]

  • BMP-1TJ - unarmed artillery forward observer vehicle in BMP-1 chassis.
  • BMP-1TJJ - armed artillery forward observer vehicle in BMP-1 chassis.


  • 298 RsRakH 06 - 227 mm self-propelled rocket launcher (M270 MLRS). 34 units. 12 units were purchased from Denmark, to be used as driver training vehicles, as they lacked ammunition and launch computers. The deal was worth 4,8 M€.[22]
  • 122 RAKH 89 - Czech 122 mm self-propelled multiple rocket launcher. 36 units.

Self Propelled[edit]

  • 152 TELAK 91 - Soviet 152 mm self-propelled gun (2S5 Giatsint-S). 18 units. Will be soon taken out of service.
  • 122 PSH 74 - Soviet 122 mm self-propelled howitzer (2S1 Gvodzika). 72 units. Modification in preparation.

Field Howitzers[edit]

  • 122 H 63A - Soviet 122 mm towed D-30 howitzer. Three different versions. 486 units.

Field Guns[edit]

  • 155 K 98 - 155 mm field gun with an auxiliary power unit to move the gun. 56 units.
  • 130 K 90-60 - 130 mm towed field gun, used by the coastal artillery. 15 units.
  • 152 K 89 - 152 mm towed field gun. 24 units.
  • 155 K 83 - 155 mm towed field gun. 108 units.
    • 155 K 83-97 - 155 K 83 155 mm towed field gun, which has been modernized to NATO standards.


Self Propelled Mortars[edit]

  • XA 361 - 120 mm twin-barrel AMOS mortar on a Patria AMV platform. 18 units.[23]
  • Krh-TeKa - 120 mm mortar on a SISU NA-140 BT platform. Designated Krh-TeKa (Kranaatinheitintelakuorma-auto). 27 units.
  • 81 KRH 13 was included in the purchase of Norwegian Bv 206D vehicles in 2013.

Towed heavy mortars (total: ca. 900)[edit]

Light mortars (total: ca. 1,400)[edit]

Anti-tank weapons[edit]


  • PSTOHJ 2000 - Euro-Spike anti-tank missiles. 100 launchers for MR version. Finland also bought some 40 Gill launch units along with missiles from the Netherlands in December 2013. These will be upgraded to the same MR version as is in use currently in the Finnish Army.[24]
  • RO 2006 - Euro-Spike anti-tank missiles. 18 launchers for ER version.
  • PSTOHJ 83 MA - BGM-71E, TOW 2A, tandem warhead version. In 2013 Finland bought additional missiles from Danish stocks.[25]
  • PSTOHJ 83 MB - BMG-71F, TOW 2B, top-down attack version


Infantry weapons[edit]

Assault rifles:

  • 7.62 RK 95 TP, modernized version of the standard assault rifle, manufactured by SAKO.
  • 7.62 RK 76, modernized version of the standard assault rifle. This version is also in most widespread use, but usually identified as Rk 62.
  • 7.62 RK 72 TP, East German-made AKMS-47 (MPi-KMS-72), purchased in large numbers for reserve troops. Folding stock version is used by various tank, APC and IFV crewmen.
  • 7.62 RK 62, original version of the standard assault rifle, manufactured by Valmet.
  • 7.62 RK 56 and 7.62 RK 56 TP, Chinese-made copies of the AK-47, purchased in large numbers for reserve troops, but not commonly used.
  • Heckler & Koch G36, operated by the border guards rapid response unit.

Machine guns:

  • 7.62 KVKK 62, Finnish-made machine gun, manufactured by Valmet.
  • 7.62 KK PKM, Russian-made PKM machine gun, current standard machine gun in the Finnish army.
  • 7.62 KK PKT, Russian-made PKT machine gun, current standard machine gun in most tanks and IFV's in the Finnish army.
  • 7.62 KK MG3, German-made MG 3, light armament on Leopard 2 tanks and NH90 helicopters.
  • M134D-H Minigun, US-made, Gatling-type, multi-barreled 7.62x51 mm NATO calibre machine gun, produced by Dillon Aerospace. It is intended to be used by the Utti Jaeger Brigade as light armament on NH90 helicopters.[26]
  • 12.7 RSKK 2005, American-made M2 Browning machine gun, found on the Patria AMV's Kongsberg weapon turrets.
  • 12.7 ITKK 96, Russian-made NSV machine gun, current standard heavy machine gun of the Finnish Army.

Sniper rifles:

Pistols & submachine guns:

Support weapons:

  • 40 KRKK 2005, grenade machine gun, manufactured by Heckler & Koch.
  • 40 KRPIST 2002, grenade launcher, manufactured by Heckler & Koch.

Bilateral trade agreements between Finland and the Soviet Union often included weapons. As a curiosity, many Russian weapons were supplied as a "package". For example, tanks came with AK-47 sidearms for the crew.[citation needed] A large amount of Soviet equipment was also bought from Germany after the German reunification.

Army Aviation[edit]

The NH90 TTH (Tactical Transport Helicopters) is the main type of transport helicopters used, having replaced Soviet Mi-8s. The Army also uses Hughes 500 D and E helicopters in reconnaissance and training roles. The Finnish Army has 11 unmanned reconnaissance airplanes (RUAG Ranger), which are used for reconnaissance and artillery targeting purposes. The Finnish Army is also field testing Patria's new mini-UAV.[29]

Due to the 3-year delivery delay of the NH90s, the Finnish Army had to refurbish two of its remaining Mil Mi-8s in Saint Petersburg, in order to increase their lifespan by 5 years.[30][31] Another option, which was evaluated, but not exercised as an intermediate solution was the possible lease, and later purchase, of an unknown number of UH-60M Black Hawk helicopters from the United States.[32]

Aircraft Type Versions In service[33] Notes
NHI NH90 Transport Helicopter NH90 TTH 17 20 to be delivered.
MD Helicopters MD 500 Utility Helicopter MD 500D
MD 500E
RUAG Ranger Unmanned Reconnaissance 11
Aeronautics Defense Orbiter Unmanned Reconnaissance 55 to be delivered[35]


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