Equity Bank (Rwanda)

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Equity Bank (Rwanda)
Type Private
Industry Financial Services
Founded 2011
Headquarters Kigali Reinsurance Plaza
Kigali, Rwanda
Key people Mr. Samuel Kirubi,
Managing Director
Products Loans, Checking, Savings, Investments, Debit Cards
Revenue DecreaseAftertax:US$488,300 (RWF:292 million) (2011)[1]
Total assets US$14.9 million (RWF:8.9 billion) (2011)
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Equity Bank (Rwanda) (EBR), is a commercial bank in Rwanda. The bank is one of the commercial banks licensed by the National Bank of Rwanda, the national banking regulator.[2]


Equity Bank (Rwanda) is a small, but growing, financial services provider in Rwanda, with an estimated total asset valuation of about US$14.9 million (RWF:8.9 billion), as of December 2011. The shareholders' equity is not publicly known at this time.[3]


The bank was granted a banking license by the National Bank of Rwanda, in 2011 and commenced banking services in the fourth quarter of 2011.[4] Rwanda was the fourth East African country where the Equity Bank Group has opened a subsidiary. Operations in Tanzania commenced during the first quarter of 2012. The bank group maintains financial services subsidiaries in Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Uganda and Tanzania. Operations in Burundi are planned to commence soon.


Equity Bank (Rwanda) is a 100% subsidiary of the Equity Bank Group (EBG). Headquartered in Nairobi, Kenya, EBG is the second largest financial services provider in East Africa. The group's asset base was valued at over US$1.7 billion (KES:143 billion), as of December 2010, with shareholder's equity valued at about US$323.5 million (KES:27.2 billion).[5] The group's customer base in the region it serves, is estimated at over 5.9 million companies and individuals.[6]

Member companies of the Group[edit]

The companies that comprise of the Equity Bank Group include but are not limited to the following: [7]

  1. Equity Bank - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  2. Equity Bank (Rwanda) - Kigali, Rwanda Rwanda[8][9]
  3. Equity Bank (South Sudan) - Juba, South Sudan South Sudan
  4. Equity Bank (Tanzania) - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tanzania[10]
  5. Equity Bank (Uganda) - Kampala, Uganda Uganda
  6. Equity Consulting Group Limited - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  7. Equity Insurance Agency Limited - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  8. Equity Nominees Limited - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  9. Equity Investment Services Limited - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  10. Finserve Africa Limited - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  11. Equity Group Foundation - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  12. Housing Finance Company Limited - Nairobi, Kenya - A mortgage company: Equity Bank Group owns 25%[11]
  13. Equity Investment Bank - Nairobi, Kenya: Equity Bank Group has 100% shareholding
  14. Equity Insurance Company - Nairobi, Kenya: Equity Bank Group has 100% shareholding

The stock of Equity Bank Group is traded on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, under the symbol: EQTY. On Thursday 18 June 2009, the Group's stock cross listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange and started trading that day, under the symbol: EBL.[12]

Branch Network[edit]

Equity Bank (Rwanda) maintains the following branches, as of February 2012.[13][14]

  1. Main Branch - Kigali Reinsurance Plaza, Kigali
  2. 2nd Kigali Branch - Kigali
  3. 3rd Kigali Branch - Kigali
  4. 4th Kigali Branch - Kigali
  5. 5th Kigali Branch - Kigali
  6. 6th Kigali Branch - Kigali
  7. 7th Kigali Branch - Kigali
  8. Muhanga Branch - Muhanga
  9. Musanze Branch - Musanze
  10. Rubavu Branch - Rubavu

Three more branches are planned in 2012.

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