Equity Bank (South Sudan)

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Equity Bank (South Sudan)
Type Private
Industry Banking and Finance
Founded 2008
Key people Mr. Paul Gitahi, Executive Director
Products Loans, Checking, Savings, Investments

Equity Bank (South Sudan) is a commercial bank in South Sudan.


The bank provides banking services to individuals and to small and medium business enterprises. It is one of the commercial banks licensed to operate in the country by the Bank of South Sudan, the national banking regulator.[1]

Equity Bank Group[edit]

Equity Bank (South Sudan) is a member of the Equity Bank Group. As of June 2010, the Group's asset base exceeded US$1.5 billion, with shareholders' equity in excess of US$237 million.[2] The stock of the Equity Bank Group is listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange, where it trades under the symbol EQTY. It is also cross-listed on the Uganda Securities Exchange under the symbol: EBL.[3] Members of the Equity Bank Group include the following companies:

  1. Equity Bank - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  2. Equity Bank (Rwanda) - Kigali, Rwanda Rwanda
  3. Equity Bank (South Sudan) - Juba, South Sudan South Sudan
  4. Equity Bank (Tanzania) - Dar es Salaam, Tanzania Tanzania
  5. Equity Bank (Uganda) - Kampala, Uganda Uganda
  6. Equity Consulting Group Limited - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  7. Equity Nominees Limited - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  8. Finserve Africa Limited - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya
  9. Equity Group Foundation - Nairobi, Kenya Kenya

Other subsidiaries[edit]

In addition to the above subsidiaries, Equity Bank Group has investments in the following companies: [4]

  • Housing Finance Company Limited - Nairobi, Kenya - A mortgage company: Equity Bank Group owns 25%[5]
  • Equity Investment Bank - Nairobi, Kenya: Equity Bank Group has 100% shareholding
  • Equity Insurance Company - Nairobi, Kenya: Equity Bank Group has 100% shareholding


Equity Bank (South Sudan) is a 100% subsidiary of the Equity Bank Group. The shares of stock of the Group are traded on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and on the Uganda Securities Exchange.

Branch Network[edit]

Equity Bank (South Sudan) has its headquarters in South Sudan's capital city, Juba. The bank maintains branches in many of the country's major urban centers, including the following:[6]

  1. Juba Branch - Juba (Main Branch)
  2. Second Juba Branch - Juba
  3. Malakal Branch - Malakal
  4. Yei Branch - Yei
  5. Yambio Branch - Yambio
  6. Wau Branch - Wau
  7. Kaya Branch - Kaya
  8. Nimule Branch - Nimule

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