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Moriskentänzer, one of 16 (now 10) Morris Dancers by Erasmus Grasser, Munich Stadtmuseum, 1480.

Erasmus Grasser (c. 1450 – c. 1515) was a leading sculptor in Munich in the early 16th century.


He developed in an animated and realistic style, furthering on the works of Nikolaus Gerhaert.

Grasser worked mainly in wood, and is best known for the 16 figures of Moriskentänzer (Morris dancers, 1480, 10 remaining, the fate of 6 unknown) lining the walls of the great dance and assembly hall of Old Townhall, the oak choir stalls at the Frauenkirche cathedral (1502) and the madonna of the high altar in St Mary (Ramersdorf), all three located in Munich. He also created the high altar at Reichersdorf (1502–1506).


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