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Erebus is the Greek god of darkness as well as a region of the Greek underworld.

Erebus may also refer to:


  • Erebus is the name of a planet in the Stargate universe.
  • Erebus is the name of the patrol boat in Apocalypse Now.
  • Erebus is the highest form of armor for the Heretic class in the MMORPG Battle of the Immortals.
  • Erebus Armor could be won in Lemuria in Golden Sun: The Lost Age.
  • In the Horus Heresy, the fictional civil war that is the origin story of the Warhammer 40,000 universe, Erebus is the name of the First Chaplain (the chief discipline, ideology, and morale officer) of the "Word Bearers" Legion of Space Marines. He is jointly responsible for the corruption of Horus, the main antagonist, by Chaos, and for the subsequent war that Horus unleashes against the Imperium of Man.[1]
  • In the MMORPG EVE Online, the Erebus is the name of the Gallente race's Titan-class capital ship, one of the four largest vessels in the game.
  • Erebus is the final boss of "The Answer" in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES.
  • In The Lightning Thief, Erebus is mentioned on the Underworld entrance, an entrance which, as Percy Jackson describes it, is a cross between airport security and the New Jersey Turnpike.
  • In The House Of Night series Erebus is named as Nyx's consort. Later in the series the school is tricked into believing Kalona is Erebus reborn from earth.
  • A secret society of vampires called The House of Erebus was depicted in the film Blade.
  • "The Scroll of Erebus", an obscure vampire bible, depicted in the film Blade, it prophesied the arrival of a vampire messiah.
  • Erebus is used as a name given by the player character of AdventureQuest to a major villain who had yet to be named.
  • In the video game, God of War III, the player must pass the three Trials of Erebus.
  • In the game Doom', the third episode Inferno, map six, the level is called Mt. Erebus.
  • In the comic book series, Spawn, Erebus is the name given for the seventh sphere of Hell.
  • In 1986 My Little Pony TV series, Erebus is the name of the smoke monster who steals shadows, defeated by flutter ponies.
  • Erebus is an antagonist in Piers Anthony's 2007 novel, Under a Velvet Cloak.
  • Erebus is the name of a villainous dragon from the online game Dawn of the Dragons.



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