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Erez Biton

Erez Biton (born 1942 in Oran, Algeria) is an Israeli poet of Moroccan descent. Born in North Africa, he immigrated to Israel in 1948. At the age of 10, he was blinded by a stray hand grenade that he found. He spent the rest of his childhood in Jerusalem's Institute for the Blind. He received a degree in social work from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Later in life, he studied psychology in Bar Ilan University. Biton was a journalist and published a weekly column in the Israeli newspaper Maariv. His first book, Mincha Marokait (A Moroccan gift) was published in 1976 and established him as the founding father of Mizrahi poetry in Israel.[1]

Biton has published 3 poetry books:

  • "Mincha Marokait" (Hebrew: מנחה מרוקאית‎, A Moroccan gift, 1976);
  • "Sefer Hana'na" (Hebrew: ספר הנענע‎, Book of mint, 1979);
  • "Tsipor bein Yabashot" (Hebrew: ציפור בין יבשות‎,A bird between two lands, 1990).
  • "Timbisert, a Morrocan bird" 2009

Personal life[edit]

Erez Bitton is married to Rachel Calahorra Biton and they have two children.


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