Erez Tal

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Erez Tal
Erez Tal 999.jpg
Native name ארז טל
Born Erez Ben-Tulila
(1961-07-27) July 27, 1961 (age 52)
Citizenship Israeli
Occupation TV and radio personality
Religion Jewish

Erez Tal (Hebrew: אֶרֶז טַל; born July 27, 1961) is an Israeli actor and television host.

Erez Ben-Tulila (later Tal) was born in Israel.

His first hit program was "Ma Yesh" ("What's Up"), broadcast on Galatz, Israel's Army radio, where he started his partnership with Avri Gilad. Tal and Gilad co-hosted TV show "Ha'olam Haerev" (The World Tonight) in the early nineties, broadcast on the then-experimental Channel 2. When Channel 2 became Israel's first commercial television station, Tal hosted and produced the Israeli edition of Wheel of Fortune, and later devised two different program formats: "The Vault" that was sold to several foreign TV stations, and "The Brain".

In 2008, he hosted the Israeli version of the reality show, "Big Brother", named "HaAh HaGadol". [1]

Tal also participates in comedy programs: "Only in Israel", which he created,[2] opposite Orna Banai, and "Night Club" with Maya Dagan and others. He introduced several comedians to wider audiences, which notably are Assi Azar which co-hosted with him the successful reality format "HaAh HaGadol" and Guri Alfie who acted in many comedy shows such as "Shiduray Ha'mahapecha" (The Revolution broadcast).


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