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The Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors (IEHF - formerly The Ergonomics Society) is a United Kingdom-based professional society for ergonomists, human factors specialists, and those involved in user-centred design.[1]

The society was officially created on 17 September 1949 at a meeting of a number of academics at the Admiralty in London. Among the founding members were Frederic Bartlett, Donald Broadbent, W. E. Hick, Alan Welford, and J. S. Weiner.

In 1957 it started to publish the periodical journal Ergonomics. In partnership with Taylor and Francis and Elsevier, the Institute now publishes the following journals: Ergonomics, Applied Ergonomics, Behaviour and Information Technology, Theoretical Issues in Ergonomics Science, Work & Stress, Injury Control and Safety Promotion' and the Journal of Sports Sciences.

The IEHF gives a number of awards for accomplishments in ergonomics and human factors including the President's Medal and the Sir Frederic Bartlett award for major contributions to ergonomics.[2][3]

The Institute has a number Special Interest Groups (SIGs) for: Driving Ergonomics, Human-Computer Interaction, Healthcare Ergonomics, Sports Ergonomics, Nuclear Ergonomics, Occupational Safety and Motorcycle Ergonomics.[4]

The IEHF has its offices in Loughborough. Following a meeting of the Privy Council on 27 May 2014, Her Majesty The Queen approved an Order granting a Royal Charter to the Institute, although this will not have legal status until sealed by the Crown Office at the House of Lords.

By the end of 2013 there were 1700 members.[5] From April 2013, the President is Richard Graveling, past President is Jon Berman and President-Elect is Roger Halsam (Loughborough University).[6]

In 2008, to mark the journal's 50th year of publication, a special issue of "Ergonomics" (Volume 51, Number 1) was published, guest edited by Neville A. Stanton and Rob Stammers, covering the history of the society and including a re-print of the Ergonomics Research Society lecture given by Sir Frederick Bartlett in 1962.

The IEHF worked in partnership with other organisations and the UK Government to establish the Occupational Health & Safety Consultant Register.[7]


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