Erhardt Stoettner

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Erhardt Stoettner (25 September 1899 to 6 January 1992)1 was a master craftsman and designer of stained glass windows for the T.C. Esser Studios in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Among the churches with windows designed by Stoettner are:

In the design and execution of these windows, three noted artists are deserving of recognition. Erhard Stoettner, German craftsman who, among other important works, helped in the restoration of the windows of the Cathedral of Notre Dame at Rheims, was the research artist who selected the colors and regulated other technical details. The design of both windows and figures is the work of Gerard Recke, American artist, who designed the windows in the chapel of Princeton University. Joseph Freney of Dublin, Ireland, was the artist who painted the faces and figures in the windows. 2

An archived letter to Stoettner about the price of a window. NOTE: Gerard Recke is also called Gustave Recke.