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Eric Walter John Ball (1903-10-31[1]-1989) was an English composer and conductor of brass band music.[2]

His musical origins were founded in the Salvation Army, and he rose to become an officer (Ordained Minister) with the rank of Major, before resigning in 1946 and moving into the general British Brass Band movement.

During his time in the Salvation Army, Eric Ball conducted both the SP&S Band and also the International Staff Band.

After the Salvation Army, Eric Ball conducted the CWS (Manchester) Band, the Brighouse and Rastrick Band and many other significant brass bands of the day.

Selected compositions[edit]

  • The Triumph of Peace
  • The Kingdom Triumphant
  • The Eternal Presence
  • Journey Into Freedom
  • The King of Kings
  • The Old Wells
  • Resurgam
  • Song of Welcome
  • Songs in Exile'
  • Star Lake
  • Torch of Freedom[1]
  • Tournament for Brass
  • Morning Rhapsody
  • Sunset Rhapsody
  • Festival Music
  • Indian Summer
  • Song of Courage
  • Glory to His Name
  • The Prospect Before Us

Further reading[edit]

  • Cooke, Peter M. Eric Ball, the man and his music - biography[3]


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