Eric Hamber Secondary School

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Eric Hamber Secondary School
"Respice, Aspice, Prospice"
Reflect on the Past, Consider the Present and Provide for the Future
5025 Willow Street
Vancouver, British Columbia, V5Z 3S1, Canada
Public transit access 15, 17, 25, 33, 41/43, Canada Line
School number 3939022
School board School District 39 Vancouver
Religious affiliation None
Superintendent Val Overgaard [1]
Area trustee Jane Bouey [1]
Principal Mr. Alex Grant
Vice principal Mr. Raza Mirani
Ms. Ranjit Bains
Administrator Ms. M. Garcia
School type Secondary school
Grades 8-12
Language English
Area Oakridge
Mascot Griffin
Team name Hamber Griffins
Colours Maroon and Light Blue         
Founded 1962 (1962)
Enrollment 1595 [2] (2011)

Eric Hamber Secondary School is a public secondary school located in the Oakridge area between Van Dusen Gardens and Queen Elizabeth Park in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Eric Hamber is a comprehensive secondary school with approximately 1600 students. The school offers an excellent academic program and many elective courses are offered in art, band, strings, choir, drama, business education, computers, fashion design, physical education and languages. Student accomplishments are also significant. Each year, approximately 60% of the Eric Hamber Grade 12 class graduates with honors standing. Through the years, Eric Hamber Secondary has built a good reputation for academic excellence, as well as fashion design, music, athletics and graphic arts. The school is named after Eric Hamber, former Lieutenant Governor of British Columbia. The school colors, maroon and light blue, were the colors used by Eric Hamber's race horses.

Eric Hamber Secondary School.

Feeder schools[edit]

The elementary schools in Eric Hamber's catchment area include:


Humanities Program and Challenge Academy[edit]

For grades 8 to 12, Hamber offers two options for students: The Accelerated/ Enriched Humanities Program and the new Challenge Academy.

The Humanities Program presents highly-able students in the humanities (English and Social Sciences) with a challenging Grade 8-12 program that encompasses both acceleration and enrichment. Students in the program are voracious learners who will complete three years of study in Grades 8 and 9, often moving above and beyond the traditional curriculum. Learners in Grades 10-12 will continue to expand their learning through enriched and advanced placement courses as well as through guided independent or concurrent post-secondary studies. This program will appeal to students of high ability who are extremely motivated to learn and respond well to a rapid pace of instruction. Generally, an “A” or “B” average in English and Social Studies is expected.

The Challenge Academy is for those students who sit in class dreaming of the fascinating opportunities to explore that they see passing them by. It is a unique opportunity for gifted learners who thrive on learning “outside the box” and who crave the ability to meaningfully influence the pace and content of their academic program. Students in this unique Grade 8-12 academy will have four challenge blocks dedicated to their core academic subjects. During these blocks they will have the opportunity to participate in research projects, experiments, problem-based learning simulations, multi-grade level seminars in a wide variety of topics, study groups, theme-based cross-curricular exploration, self-paced guided independent studies, concurrent studies at post-secondary institutions and other non-traditional approaches to the secondary school curriculum.

Students will be free to move at a self-determined pace through a wide variety of available courses, including the opportunity to “challenge” courses for credit. Instruction in this academy will often step outside the traditional curriculum and will be driven by individual education plans for each student.

This program is suitable for gifted learners who are extremely motivated to learn and thrive outside the traditional classroom setting. Students with a desire to shape the curriculum to suit their interests and to accommodate their learning styles as well as their ability to learn material quickly will find this program a good fit. This program is especially suitable for students who have been identified as “gifted” through the psycho-educational testing process.[4]

Mandarin Bilingual Program[edit]

Eric Hamber offers a Mandarin Accelerated program for grades 8 to 9 for students who have completed the Mandarin bilingual program at Jamieson Elementary School.

Fashion Design and Technology[edit]

Eric Hamber has the largest high school fashion design program in western Canada. The program was started in 1992 by Nina Ho. Many graduates from Eric Hamber Secondary’s fashion design program complete post secondary fashion programs in Canada, the United States, Europe and Asia and work in the fashion design field locally and abroad with companies such as Lululemon, Aritizia and Mac and Jac. Eric Hamber students have a strong history of winning awards locally, provincially and nationally at the Skills Canada Competition. An annul show is presented every year to showcase the student's work.

Eric Hamber's Run for the Sun[edit]

On May 27, 2011, Eric Hamber held an event called "Run for the Sun" to raise money to install 4 solar panels on the school's roof. The solar panels are being used to heat the water in the school year round. A total of 653 students from 26 classes participated in the event by running or walking 5 kilometres. The event raised a total of $8,495.00 and a successful acceptance of a Vancouver Foundation Generation Green award of $12,500 raised a total of $21,000.[5]


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In media[edit]

Eric Hamber has a history in television and film; one of the parking lots was extensively used in the early days of 21 Jump Street, including a memorable confrontation involving Johnny Depp.[7] It was later used as the high school in the 2007 film Juno.[8]

Canada Sings[edit]

In 2011, several of Eric Hamber's staff were part of a glee club called "The Edutones" on the show Canada Sings. They defeated the opposing The Distillery Restaurants Corporation's "Run DRC" glee club and won $10,000 for the BC Children's Hospital Foundation. They appeared on episode 6 of season 1 which aired on September 8, 2011.[9][10]

Notable alumni[edit]

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